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For the first time home buyer finding your way around the buying process can be a challenge because it feels like there is so much to learn!   Choosing a real estate agency that is licensed with licensed and knowledgeable professionals working for you is the first step.  Many folks want to know what the difference is between the broker and agent.  Here is a summary of the info:

Real Estate Agent:  A real estate agent is a person who earns a real estate license.  They took a specific number of classes and passed the test granting them their license.  They have the skills to guide a buyer or seller through the process.

Real Estate Broker:  A real estate broker has the state required education level above an agent and has passed a broker’s license exam.  Brokers can work alone or can hire agents to work for them.

Brown McMillen Real Estate has both options as well as trained support staff to guide you through the process while representing your interests.  Take a look at our agents here or feel free to contact us about your buying or selling needs.