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This fall and winter are turning out to be great times to sell! We are experiencing a seller’s market in Skagit County which means there are more buyers wanting to buy than sellers wanting to sell. Referencing the basic rule of supply and demand, we can infer you are probably going to get a better price for your home during the fall and winter seasons than if you wait until spring and summer.

On top of that, fall and winter buyers are serious. They have to buy now. They may have a job transfer, a growing family (September sees more new babies than any other month), amongst other reasons. One thing we, at Brown McMillen know for certain is, there are fewer tire-kickers browsing the market right now, so there is a greater chance that people who see your home are already pre-approved and have a need to satisfy. Because there are fewer homes on the market, therefore fewer transactions, home inspectors, appraisers, and title agents are more available to ensure a speedy closing.

To make the most of selling this season, we have put together a “Get it Right” list to maximize your success.

First Impressions Count, Lasting Impressions Sell

Most buyers start viewing online for possible homes they want to view, especially during this uncertain time. So, you want to have enticing videos and still photographs that make that first great impression. We can also include a digital slideshow that shows off your home in spring and summer, so buyers get a complete idea about your home. Once a buyer decides to view in person, make your home stand out. Fall and winter curb appeal matters more than at any other time of the year.

When they are inside, stage your home to help them focus on features and attributes of your home that are special or unique. Learn more about this in our article, Help Your Home Shine During Winter Showings.” 

Our agents are here to help you with answers and advice on how to most efficiently showcase these key features. The critical point is that buyers at this time of year, often dash in and dash out because of short days, poor light, bad weather and now COVID anxiety. Your goal is to get them to stay longer and feel secure and comfortable in order to encourage a lasting impression.  

The more they remember about your home, the more likely they will want to come back for a second viewing. That, on its own, puts your home towards the top of the list. If you’d like to know more about selling your home this winter, we’d be happy to help!

Remember, Brown McMillen has been at this a long time (almost 50 years!) and we’re always here to help you make the most of selling successfully. Give us a call at (360) 757 6013. We look forward to hearing from you.