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Source: NAR

Do you know just how much value your curb appeal adds to your home? According to a recent study in the Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, researchers at the University of Alabama and the University of Texas at Arlington determined curb appeal can account for as much as 7 percent of a home’s value!

As humans, it is in our nature to make judgments based on what is presented to us—so make sure your prospective buyer’s judgment is a good one upon arrival by following these tips to boost your home’s exterior and boost your curb appeal! 

1. Update Light Fixtures 

Give your home a warm and welcoming ambiance right from the start by updating your light fixtures. Using brighter bulbs will make navigating your outdoor spaces at nighttime easier, and lights with a warm tone will soften any harshness that comes from a bright light. Most outdoor light fixtures are smaller than they should be and this may be intentional as smaller light fixtures tend to be more cost-effective. 

So, when choosing a light fixture, consider these factors: 

  • The architecture of your home – Is your home mid-century modern, American Craftsman, etc? Based on these observations, choose a light fixture that will complement the style of your home.
  • The color of your home – Do you have brick siding, colorful paneling, stone accents? This will help you determine what color your light fixture should be and what kind of light should be placed in the light fixture.

For the size, choose a fixture that’s one-third of the height of the door if you have only one light, and one-quarter the height if you have a light on both sides of the door.

2. Paint It All! 

Painting is a big task that packs an even greater punch! Ditch the boring beiges, and muddled yellows, and consider giving your house a sleek modern look by painting it a navy blue or soft black (that’s what we did here at Brown McMillen for our remodel)! Or, hop on the timeless cottage-core trend by painting it a light shade of gray or even a very pale shade of pink to soften it up. Don’t be afraid to get adventurous with your painting techniques! Paint the trim, and shutters a contrasting color for extra oomph, or keep a monochromatic color palette for a more laidback look. 

3. Add Luxurious Wood & Stone Elements

Adding a natural wood element or a bold stone element could be just the thing your home needs to make it stand out from the rest! If something classic, like stone veneers, isn’t your style, don’t be scared to get creative with it! For example, use stone to line your walkway or use stone to create pillars or light posts at the end of your driveway. To incorporate wood elements, consider adding a fence in a shade that complements the color of your home or wooden lawn edging around your flower beds! Also, nothing like some wood planter boxes or wood trellises that are adorned with fairy lights to add a magical element to your curb appeal! 

4. Hire a Professional Landscaper

There’s a huge difference between DIY landscaping and having someone who is dedicated to their craft work their magic on your lawn. They’ll know which native plants to choose to make a yard warm and inviting. They can also create water features, intricate flower beds, build retaining walls, and more. If hiring a professional landscaper isn’t in your budget, we suggest you go to your local garden center for recommendations of plants that will fare well in your area, specific to your climate. 

5. Refinish Walkways & Driveway 

Walkways and driveways get a lot of use, and all that wear and tear will need an update over time. A professional landscaper or hardscaper also can upgrade your driveway and walkway by using stone, brick, or cement. But, if you’re on a budget, a good power-washing may also give a curb appeal boost. If refinishing your walkways or driveway isn’t in your budget, you can refresh their looks by doing things like adding illumination to your walkways with solar-powered lights, installing brick edging to your concrete walkway, or applying a colorful concrete stain to the surface for an unexpected touch!

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