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Today we’re talking five design trends that will take your home from staged to sold! If you’re looking to sell your home but want to make some home improvements to increase your home’s value before the time comes, then this article is for you! Or as your reading, if you find your home already possesses some of these design trends, be sure to highlight them during the selling process to take your home from staged to sold!

1. Windows are the ‘Eyes’ to the Home

Whether you notice them or not, windows can either make or break the composition of a home, and they’ve been taking a front seat in recent design trends. The first window design trend that is super simple to emulate in your home is the removal of blinds and curtains. If you live in a private space and have beautiful window views, this is a simple and virtually no-cost design trend that can add light and a modern feel to your space. The second window design trend is incorporating windows that slide open for a seamless connection between indoor and outdoors living spaces. Does your kitchen or living room window open up to your deck or backyard? Do you frequently host get-togethers with friends and family? This may be a good option for you if you answered yes to either of those questions!

2. Greens in Your Kitchen

And we’re not talking about vegetables! A rich emerald or jade green on your cabinets or appliances may elevate your space in the minds of buyers. More and more people are moving away from the all-white crisp modern farmhouse style and moving towards a more earthy, maximalist and/or vintage aesthetic. Green is the color of growth, renewal, and abundance and after the year we’ve had, these are things and feelings we’re all craving, so it makes sense why these colors are on the rise in our homes!

3. Focusing on the Home Office Space

Another trend that’s a product of the times is the home office becoming the focal point of the house. More and more people are either choosing to or are required to work remotely. This means that a comfortable, designated space to do their work is a must. Simple tasks that can instantly revamp an office space include decluttering, especially in small spaces; adding new light fixtures to bring an inviting ambiance to the space; or, a fresh coat of paint to add some vibrancy back into the office. As for staging your office space for potential buyers, including accents such as wall art and plants can help make a space more appealing. These accents were the top picks for office decor found during a study by Living Spaces.

4. Lights that Make a Bold Statement

You may be under the impression that chandeliers and showy light fixtures are a thing of the past but quite the contrary is true! Adding a statement light fixture is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to add a “wow” factor to any room. Knotted or beaded fixtures can add a natural organic feel to a room. This will convey a bit of a coastal aesthetic. A geometric fixture is perfect for edgy modern spaces that could use a focal point in its rather minimalistic aesthetic. Finally, the vintage crystallized chandeliers bring an elegance to a classic space as well as adding a layer of luxury to whichever room it occupies.

5. Focus on Your Outdoor Living Space

According to a 2021 report done by Outdoor Living, 82% of homeowners say they’re interested in updating their outdoor living spaces. This is a focus now more than ever due to the pandemic. So, it’s safe to assume that potential buyers will be seeking liveable and enjoyable outdoor spaces. Some of the favorite trends and outdoor items people look for include plentiful seating options; fire pits; and, if you live in the right area with the right climate, outdoor bars and kitchens. A relatively inexpensive way to create a nice ambiance in your outdoor area is to add a pergola over a deck, or seating area for some shade. Add some outdoor lights for a warm ambiance during the nights for a finishing touch. If you don’t have a deck, but rather a front or back porch, a good way to spruce it up is to tidy up and add a small seating area, as well as an outdoor rug for maximum coziness!

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